The EasyMailer is a free email program, which is easy to use. It can be used to send, receive and administer emails.

The advantages of the EasyMailer are

  • reduced to the necessary
  • aided by pictures
  • large buttons
  • separation of use and configuration
  • free


  • saving attachments is still a bit complex


User accounts on your MS Windows system:

  • each user needs his/her own account!!!
  • the accounts need to have passwords!!!
  • high security
  • better privacy
  • emails in the EasyMailer are only secure from other people's sight, when each user has a separate account!!!

Email accounts in the EasyMailer - two servers must be set in the account settings

  • for receiving emails: POP3 or IMAP
  • for sending emails: SMTP
  • tested servers: GMX, Yahoo, A1, Google, Microsoft Exchange

We are still improving the system …

  • i.e. there will be a version 3
  • i.e. we can and will work in your inputs and wishes
  • i.e. we want to eliminate points of criticism and errors

We need your feedback!

Contact: easymailer@ki-i.at