Research & Development

The KI-I is a non-university research organisation with its main focus on fundamental research as well as on application-oriented research. The main research areas are accessibility and usability of modern information and communication technology (ICT), accessibility of services and the enhancement of the living situations and of the independence and self-determination of people with disabilities.

Information and Communication Technologies and Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies help people with disabilities to at least partly compensate for their condition as well as to strengthen their abilities and possibilities to participate in society in an equitable way. The KI-I team develops new possibilities, approaches and operation paradigms to make Assistive Technology responsive to the concrete needs of individual persons.

Smart Environments

Although they were originally invented to ease the management of electronic infrastructures, building automation systems are more and more conquering the private sector. In this sector the main emphasis is put on the enhancement of personal comfort.  In addition it has become clear that also people with disabilities and elderly people can benefit a lot from such specially equipped environments. On the one hand this is due to the sensor techniques that make a higher level of security possible. On the other hand the controllability is an important factor, because the complete personal environment becomes controllable via one single controlling device (e.g. environment control, smart phone). The KI-I deals with such aspects and finds concrete solutions and concepts, which are optimised for people with disabilities.