Following the guideline "Is everything okay or is there room for improvement?" the multi-professional team of Proqualis checks the quality of services for people with disabilities. This is done by direct questioning of the clients of services for people with disabilities.

A standardised questionnaire is used for this investigation, based on the active emancipatory method. That means that people with disabilities are involved in all phases of research, development and implementation. The questionnaire was developed in close cooperation with representatives of the target group.
The contents of the questionnaire are strongly geared to the living environment of the people concerned and have the dimensions self-determination, security, normalisation, advancement, assistance and privacy. Furthermore the questions are in Easy-to-Read and specially adjusted to the needs of the target group.

Proqualis follows the peer-principle: The evaluators are or were themselves clients of services for people with disabilities. They have successfully completed a 3-year training to be quality-evaluators and they offer an interview between peers to the interviewees.

The evaluation of service quality for people with disabilities can significantly contribute to the optimisation of the quality management and the customer satisfaction in establishments for people with disabilities.

Survey of Relatives

Relatives are stakeholders in the care of family members with disabilities. This sentence seems like the obvious choice, however, it will not work as it has two meanings. It can also mean that the relatives are being cared for by family members.

The relatives of people with disabilities are stakeholders with regard to the provision of services for their family members. Relatives are indirect users of caring-services and have their own set of expectations and requirements.

In the survey of relatives by Proqualis, relatives are asked about their role as indirect users of services for people with disabilities. This is not about relatives answering on behalf of their disabled family member, but legitimate users being included within the decision-making process.

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