The KI-I

The KI-I was founded in the year 2003 following an initiative by the Upper Austrian local government. It is supported by the Upper Austrian local government, the Institute Integriert Studieren of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, the Institute Inclusive Education of the University of Education Upper Austria in Linz and LIFEtool gemeinnützige GmbH.

The prime objective of KI-I is to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities and elderly people. The KI-I can be seen as a platform for information exchange in this area. It builds a bridge between fundamental research, application and teaching. The KI-I offers support for institutions and companies when dealing with projects for the improvement of the integration of people with disabilities in a social and job-related context.

By establishing a network of institutions and companies, a wide spectrum of know-how will flow into projects, which lead to innovations in facilities of the target groups and give incentives for the Upper Austrian economy.

Acting as an information platform in the areas of ICT, Assistive Technologies, accessible web- and software design as well as Easy-to-Read the KI-I organises consultancy, seminars and know-how transfers, but also events that are targeted at a larger audience, like for example the annual IKT-Forum (in German only, new window).

The knowledge gained in many projects is not only used in the projects themselves, but is also used in a scientific manner. Frequent publications at scientific conferences as well as in journals and books confirm that the KI-I is up to date in its research and that the results are internationally accepted.

The KI-I is independent and open for all actors in the field. It is to be seen as a companion, supporter and multiplier, but never as a competitor. The KI-I is unique in Austria and also beyond.

Download the Impact-Report 2020-2021 (PDF, 10MB, in German) as accessible PDF here.