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Information Technology to Support the
Integration of People with Disabilities

Research & Development

The KI-I is a non-university research organisation with its main focus on fundamental research as well as on application-oriented research. The main research areas are accessibility and usability of modern information and communication technology (ICT), accessibility of services and the enhancement of the living situations and of the independence and self-determination of people with disabilities.

Information and Communication Technologies and Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies help people with disabilities to at least partly compensate for their condition as well as to strengthen their abilities and possibilities to participate in society in an equitable way. The KI-I team develops new possibilities, approaches and operation paradigms to make Assistive Technology responsive to the concrete needs of individual persons.

Smart Environments

Although they were originally invented to ease the management of electronic infrastructures, building automation systems are more and more conquering the private sector. In this sector the main emphasis is put on the enhancement of personal comfort.  In addition it has become clear that also people with disabilities and elderly people can benefit a lot from such specially equipped environments. On the one hand this is due to the sensor techniques that make a higher level of security possible. On the other hand the controllability is an important factor, because the complete personal environment becomes controllable via one single controlling device (e.g. environment control, smart phone). The KI-I deals with such aspects and finds concrete solutions and concepts, which are optimised for people with disabilities.

Current Projekte

Accessibility Consulting

The KI-I is a consultant in the area of accessible web design and monitors the implementation of accessible websites.

Easy Reading

Cognitive accessibility of web content is still a big topic in research and not fully covered by today’s accessibility guidelines. Therefore many web-pages are difficult to understand and to navigate for people with cognitive...


The EasyMailer is a free email program, which is easy to use. It can be used to send, receive and administer emails.

Health Inclusive

Workplace health promotion is a great way to foster health at the workplace. To enable people with disabilities to benefit from it, the instruments and methods of workplace health promotion will be extended, adapted and tested...

Online portal for the provision of symbols and gestures

Supervision of the AAC-portal, which is a communication base for AAC that was made on behalf of the department of social affairs of the Upper Austrian government.


The EU-funded project Prosperity4All is the second Phase in the implementation of a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII). This infrastructure shall enable all people worldwide to use Information- and Communication...


Closed Projects

Accessibility and usability evaluation of the websites of the federal ministries

11 government websites (10 ministries and the federal chancellery) were tested for accessibility and usability.

AsTeRICS - Assistive Technology Rapid Integration and Construction Set

In the AsTeRICS project a flexible and affordable construction set for assistive technologies is developed. The goal is to combine several sensors and actuators in a way that enables people with motor disabilities in their upper...


Consulting, evaluation and support regarding usability and accessibility during the design and implementation of the information platform

bportal - implementation of a platform about disability on the internet

Development of a functional prototype of a platform about disability, building on three columns: information, communication and service.


The websites of the companies Synthesa and Capatect were optimised regarding usability and accessibility according to WCAG 1.0.


Accessible relaunch of the portal for integration and special education.

Accessible ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence for people with disabilities

Goal of the project is the accessible adaptation and revision of the electronic learning materials for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).


In the EU-funded project ENABLE a device was built that enables elderly people to stay in their own homes longer while feeling securer and more comfortable.


The KI-I supports the federal ministry of finances during the accessible implementation of the documentation of financial issues.

Head Control - Realisation study for the product development of "Head Control Plus"

HeadControl Plus is a new input device for people with severe motor disabilities. It is based upon standard components and can be used for mouse- or keyboard replacement.

IDOL - Inclusion of Disabled in Open Labour Market

This project is supposed to enhance the level of employment of blind people and of people with physical disabilities. The KI-I supports the project consortium by helping with the accessible design of the website and with...

KinderUni Linz

Accessible implementation of the web portal and the registration system of the KinderUni Linz (children's university Linz).

KinderUni Steyr

Accessible implementation of the web portal and the registration system of the KinderUni Steyr (children's university Steyr).

Microsoft Enable

"Microsoft Accessibility - Technology for Everyone" (in short "Microsoft Enable") is a platform by Microsoft that describes computer-supported work with their products from the view of different target groups. This project was...

Online Portal for the provision of symbols and gestures

The department of social affairs of the county of Upper Austria has assigned two working groups to make a communication basis for AAC. The resulting symbols and gesture-videos have been made available through an online portal.

Personal Assistant

Together with the company ABATEC the KI-I developed a device for time management for elderly people and people with cognitive problems.

PONS - Paradigmen zur Optimierung der Nutzerführung im Straßenverkehr

While usage of public means of transportation is widely supported by mobile assistance services calculating routes, notifying delays, or providing online tickets, there is hardly any systemic assistance for the footpath to and...


The overall goal of the RaProErgo (Rapid Prototyping in the field of occupational therapy) project, which is funded by the regional government of Upper Austria, is to simplify the manufacturing process of orthoses for persons...

SmartX - Open Source

The goal of the project SmartX is the development of a flexible, extendable and adaptable environment control device that builds upon standard software.

Study "ICT for elderly people"

This is a study about how ICT can help elderly people and which products could be developed in that area.

Online-version of the guidebook "Wege finden"

The guidebook "Wege finden" was made available online in an accessible form. - information portal for people with disabilities is a web based information portal for people with disabilities. The KI-I is responsible for the editorial work as well as for the development of the site regarding technical issues and content.

Modernisation of "", which has already been made accessible in 2005.