Gut Verstanden GmbH

Due to the growing interest and the ever-increasing demand for accessible information, Gut Verstanden GmbH was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of KI-I to further expand the "Easy Reading" activities of KI-I. Gut Verstanden GmbH focuses economically on this topic and cooperates with KI-I and other partners to advance the comprehensive implementation of accessibility.

Gut Verstanden GmbH has the following focal points in its work

  • Translations in Easy to Read
  • Creation and verification of accessible PDF documents
  • Use of the latest technologies to provide accessible information (e.g. capito App)
  • Distribution of software for accessible design of digital documents.
  • Consultations on the accessibility of content
  • Courses and training on barrier-free information

Gut Verstanden GmbH is a member of the capito network and represents Upper Austria in this network. Together with the KI-I and the other network partners, accessible information for people with reading or learning difficulties, people with hearing or vision impairments, for older people and for people with little knowledge of the German language is developed i.e. further developed.

The KI-I with its subsidiary Gut Verstanden GmbH strives for a society that recognizes inclusion and therefore the right to accessibility and comprehensible information for all people as a matter of course and thinks along with them from the very beginning.

Further information on Gut Verstanden GmbH can be found on the homepage of Gut Verstanden GmbH at (new window)


Gut Verstanden GmbH
Bethlehemstraße 3 / 2. Stock, 4020 Linz, Austria
Telephone: +43 732 272862–23
Internet: (new window)